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Donate Today and Help Support Emma's Plan
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Emma's Plan raises charitable donations through localized fundraising events to provide opportunities to be exposed to the different things that Emma loved; children, animals, and the arts.



Funds will be used to help children in various ways from helping students at Columbus Magnet School, where Emma attended, to helping children in the Norwalk community, where Emma grew up.

For students at CMS, we will donate funds to the 'Emma Splan Fund' to cover expenses that the PTA doesn't cover - from the book fair to meal balances and more.



Funds will be used to provide overall wellness and medical care PLUS food and toys to ensure that all the animals are taken care of until they are able to find their fur-ever family.


The Arts

It is important that children get to experience the arts - to help spark their passion and share Emma's love for all types of art. From dance, to fashion design, crafts, and drawing/painting, Emma loved it all. We will continue to share her love of the arts to children who are interested.