March 2018 - April 2019 Accomplishments

History: While still in our infancy, Emma’s Plan has already had a significant impact on the Norwalk Community. We will continue to spread the sparkle by providing funding to the arts, children, and animals through fundraising and the continued support of our community.

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$1,760 was raised from March - August 2018 which allowed:

6 cats to be sponsored, 32 animals blankets made and donated, 2 kittens adopted, PLUS food and money were donated to help feed/spay/neuter and cover medical costs for the animals at PAWS.


$2,420 was raised from March - August 2018 which allowed for 42 first graders to receive a year book, which included an Emma Memory page. 20 students at Columbus Magnet School had their meal balances paid, and over 129 quilts were made and donated to students/teachers/administrative staff at Columbus Magnet School, the Norwalk community, and other children/families who are going through grief. We started a scholarship for one of Emma’s BFF’s and her sister to go to bilingual school in their new country.

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The Arts

$4,500 was raised from March - August 2018 which allowed for 4 dance scholarships to be awarded so that other children could learn the beauty of dance.

Have also raised $1,000 for a child to go to fashion design camp in South Norwalk for the 2019 Summer season.